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How will you pay me for my car?

We will pay you for your car with a check on the spot when we pick up your car, or you come to drop off your car at one of our locations.

How long after I accept my offer will you pick up my car?

We pick up cars 6 days a week between 8am and 6pm (excepting national and state holidays). We can often collect your car the same day you accept your offer!

Your Newell Direct LLC agent will contact you within 2 business hours of you accepting your offer to arrange a time that suits you to pick up your car.

Do I have to be there when my car is being picked-up?

We understand you may be busy, so in some cases we may be able to make arrangements to pick up your car if you can't be there.

If you are wanting your payment at time of pick up, you will need to be present when the Newell Direct LLC agent is there.

I've accepted my offer, what happens next?

Great, sit back and we'll do the rest!

You will receive a call from your friendly Newell Direct LLC agent within 2 business hours of accepting your offer. They will make arrangements to pick up your car at a time convenient to you, or if you're dropping your car off, tell you about any details you may need to know.

Once your car is ready to go, and you've provided any required signed paperwork, we will give you your check for the agreed offer amount. Easy!

You can also visit at any time to retrieve your offer and check your status.

Can I still sell my car without a title?

In most cases we will need a title to make an offer on your car. There are some cases where we can provide you with alternative paperwork to sign to complete a sale.

How do I sign my title?

You only need sign your title in the section marked as SELLER. We will complete the remainder for you. If you're unsure, please call us and we will be happy to help.

What happens to my car after Newell Direct LLC take it away?

Newell Direct LLC is a company committed to responsible recycling of cars, no matter what the condition.

We can put your car to reuse in a number of ways; reusing car parts to repair another damaged car like yours, shredding and recycling the metal in your car to be reused in the of steel and aluminum, or may even be able to find a new home for your car.

My car is a wreck, can I still sell you my car?

We will give you an offer on any car, in any condition!

Just make sure you let your Newell Direct LLC agent know if there are any major parts missing from your car as this may affect what we can pay you.

What does it cost to sell my car to you?

Zero, nothing, not a cent! We provide a no fee, no fuss service to you, from our no obligation offer for your car, to friendly and fast pick up service, is at no cost to you.

What types of vehicles will you buy?

We currently can only provide an online instant offer for cars.

However if you have a motorcycle, heavy machinery, old bus or any other type of vehicle you would like to sell, fill out our contact form with information about your vehicle and we will get back to you shortly after with an offer!!

What makes up the offer price of my car?

Our offer price is made up of the market value of your car, and taking in to consideration your location and the expected condition of the car.

Will Newell Direct LLC pick up a car in my area?

We are growing our network! We currently service Georgia, Florida and some surrounding counties, but plan to offer our service all over the US in the very near future.

You emailed me an offer to buy my car, but it's now expired?

We want to make sure we are offering you the best, and most current price for your car.

We make our offers valid for 7 days – if we know we can offer you more within those 7 days, we will let you know! If your offer has expired, you can resubmit your details for an up te offer for your car.

About Us

About us

Newell Cars is the fast, easy and hassle free service to sell your unwanted car.

We give you your offer online, instantly! No need to pick up the phone or wait for an email reply

And once you've accepted an offer - we will guarantee payment, whether you take advantage of our friendly pick up service, or drop your car in to one of our convenient locations.

Easy! Lets get started.


Can definitely recommend Newell Cars to others. Really professional, they picked up my car the next day and I got my check on the spot.
T. Rose
Savannah, GA
Great service! My Dad's old car hadn't moved an inch in years, what better way to turn junk in to cash.
R. Shaw
Savannah, GA
$675 for my beaten up old Chevy! Couldn't be happier.
R. Penny
Atlanta, GA
Thanks Newell Cars for making it so easy to get some cash for my car!!!
W. James
Sandy Springs, GA

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